Equestrian Resources

Check out the links below for horse-related resources in and around Hunterdon County!

Amwell Valley Hounds- http://www.avhounds.com/

Horse News Online- http://www.nj.com/horsenews/

Horse Park of NJ- http://www.horseparkofnewjersey.com

Sara Schmitt's Website- http://www.saraschmitt.com

United States Dressage Federation- http://www.usdf.org/

Readington Trail Association- http://ReadingtonTrail.org

Tewksbury Trail Association- http://tta-nj.org/

Alexandria Equestrian Association- http://aeanj.com

Covered Bridge Trail Association- http://www.homestead.com/coveredbridgetrail/

Amwell Valley Trail Association- http://www.avta.net/

NJ Equine Advisory Board's Directory of Facilities and Service Providers






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